Ear Candling: Will Ear Candles Recover My Hearing?

Ear coning is a procedure to remove toxins and excess wax with the help of long tapered bees wax candle. It is gently inserted into the opening of the ear...

What is Ear Coning:

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Ear coning is a procedure where as a long tapered bees wax candle is inserted gently into the opening of the ear and the end is lit. The burning flame creates a gentle vacuum to encourage detoxification and blood circulation. The method is believed to remove toxins and excess wax.

When you look back in history you will find that the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetan, Aztec and American Indian cultures all used ear coning. Many healers continue to use the method. In some cultures it is included in personal hygiene regimens.

What is removed From the Ears?
There will be dust, hair and microscopic crystals drawn out. Much of what is removed depends on the person's life style.

What Happens During a Session?
You will be asked to lie down. Some practitioners use a fire retardant cloth on the head area to protect the person from any ash that may fall.

The end of the candle will be placed into the ear gently but enough to create a seal. Some practitioners may choose to use an adapter between the candle and the ear. It is the preference of the person and practitioner.

They will then light the candle and extinguish it when there is four to six inches left. This dispels any fear of heat or injury from the flame.

After the session your hearing may be clearer depending on how much wax has been cleaned out. During the burning of candle you may hear a crackling sound or whistling.

Following the procedure you may notice an improvement in smell, taste and vision.

How Often Should You Have Ear Coning Performed?
Three ear coning sessions are advised with at least three to seven days in between to allow the cleansing process to work. Two to three times a year after that is suggested.

Ear Coning for Ear Cleansing:
Ear coning or candling is a comfortable way to clean out excess wax and other accumulations. It is an ancient healing process used by almost every healing tradition. Chinese Traditional Medicine, Native American and Mayan societies, even the ancient Egyptians all used ear candling to gently remove ear wax, fungus, tinnitus and yeast from ear canals. Ear coning was even considered a spiritual practice that also cleared the mind and senses. Ear candling was believed to detoxify the physical body through the sinus lymphatic and other systems to realign the flow of cranial fluids.

Ear candles are made from strips of hundred percent cotton muslin which are dipped into a mixture of wax and herbs with natural antibiotic, decongestant and balancing activity like sage, Swedish bitters, cedar, spearmint, Echinacea, goldenseal and rosemary. The waxed muslin is then formed into a tapered cone.

In the coning process, the narrow end of the candle is gently placed at the ear canal, while the opposite end is lit. The spiral design of the cone creates a vacuum which draws the soothing smoke into the ear canal. The smoke goes through the Eustachian tube into the lymphatic system, and then by osmosis, it draws accumulations out into the cone. The process is soothing, and takes only about forty five minutes.

Here are the Benefits of Ear Coning:

  • Stimulates and detoxifies the lymph system.
  • Helps remove excessive wax and allows better hearing, usually immediately.
  • Clears "swimmers ear", where ear wax stops water cleaning from the ear, allowing bacteria to fester.
  • Relieves pain and pressure from mucous blown into the ear from the Eustachian tube.
  • Helps clear itching mold caused by candida yeast allergy.
  • Helps remove parasites growing in the ear.
  • Relieve tension headaches.
  • Improve hearing if not caused by damage to the ear.
  • May improve vision, taste and smell.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do not use oils in the ear prior to an ear coning session. The oil may heat up and cause discomfort.
  • Do not immerse your head in water for twenty four hours following an ear coning session.
  • Do not heave ear coning after ear surgery.
  • Do not have ear coning if your ear drum is perforated or inflamed.
  • Do put cotton in your ears when showering during the twenty four hours following an ear coning treatment.
  • Drink lots of water following a session to encourage the body to flush toxins out.
  • Allow yourself time to rest following a session as you will be relaxed and may feel tired.

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Published: 1/28/2008